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AD VERBUM Partners up with WPML

Author: Fred Visnevsky

AD VERBUM Partners up with WPML to Allow Smooth WordPress Website Localization

Content Management Systems (CMS) is a term many of you have heard of in relation to websites or their development.

In a nutshell, CMS is a piece of software which allows you to create and run a website without the need to delve into the depths of coding it from scratch. While CMS is not applicable to every case scenario, it easily covers the website needs of the vast majority of variously sized businesses in the different market segments.

Due to that fact, the popularity of CMS on the global market is constantly on the rise. According to Netcraft, in 2018 nearly 45% of all active websites on the web (~1,955,784,935) are running on CMS, and by all forecasts that number is only going to grow.

The CMS market is divided between the various CMS platforms, all of which have different features that vary in their complexity and the solutions they offer. However, there are three clear leaders in this market - WordPress with a 59.9% share, Joomla with 6.6% and Drupal with 4.6%. (Data from

What attributes such popularity to WordPress? There are many factors, however, the key ones are simplicity, flexibility and a large number of themes and plugins available for the platform. As of right now, WordPress based Websites are 30% of ALL the websites across the massive World Wide Web. That's an impressive and continuously growing figure.

However it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, WordPress has its limitations and sadly one of them is — website localization.

Imagine your goal is to localize your current website into multiple languages in order to focus on specific markets. WordPress is ideal for websites which are based on one language, but the moment you wish to localize your website into multiple languages you start facing problems. And a lot of them. At first glance, translation can appear to be a simple task and many may not even consider it when initially choosing which CMS platform on which to base their website. It then turns out to be a major headache down the road for all involved (and especially for website administrators (we feel your pain)) when website localization decisions are being made. The whole manual process turns out to be extremely time-consuming, prone to errors and most likely will impact on the overall quality of the website and on final localization goals.

In order to address these issues, AD VERBUM has partnered up with WPML to offer you an easy way of fully localizing your WordPress based website into any language combination whilst, in WordPress fashion, keeping it simple and highly flexible. WPML is a highly popular WordPress plugin used by more than 500,000 websites and was designed to translate websites with no headaches.

This fantastic partnership opportunity between WPML and AD VERBUM, allows our clients to create a professional multi-lingual website with little effort.

WPML's plugin allows our clients to easily create a nearly automatic pull/push translation pipeline between the client and the language service provider. Clients can manage which content from their websites they wish to translate and into which languages, and can also track progress and add changes on the go from the WPML dashboard located on the WordPress administrator panel.

Professionally localize your website into more than 80 languages with the help of WPML and AD VERBUM.

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