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Professional Finnish Translation

High-quality, scalable and reliable English to Finnish Translation services at an affordable price

High-Quality Finnish Translation Services

AD VERBUM offers you our professional Finnish translation services. Our highly reliable, affordable, and fast translation services have been the first choice of our clients across the globe for over a decade.

Finnish is one of the core European languages, with approximately 6 million speakers across the globe. With the help of our network of experienced and tested linguists, the AD VERBUM team offers you access to Finnish speakers from any market and industry.

Or perhaps you're looking for Finnish to English translation? We've got you covered on that too!

Finnish Translation Services

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Finnish Translation Services

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AD VERBUM provides a wide range of professional human-driven English to Finnish B2B Translation and Localization Services, covering a multitude of content types.

Types of Content we Translate into Finnish

  • Documents


  • Software


  • Hardware


  • Video Games

    Video Games

  • Websites


  • Publications


  • Mobile Applications

    Mobile Applications

  • Manuals


  • User Interfaces

    User Interfaces

  • Audio Content

    Audio Content

  • Video Content

    Video Content

  • Product Descriptions

    Product Descriptions

  • Technical Spreadsheets

    Technical Spreadsheets

  • Scripts


  • Patents


And many more! Contact us and let us know what type of content you wish to translate from English into Finnish.

Industries we Serve

We cover a multitude of industries for our English into Finnish translation services.

English to Finnish Translation

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Finnish Translator

AD VERBUM hosts a global network of Finnish Translators who are experts in their respective fields, with years of both linguistic expertise and hands-on professional experience in their industry.

Clients choose AD VERBUM's translation services because we can deliver high-quality Finnish translations on time, every time, thanks to our innovative approach to translation, which uses the latest translation industry technologies, and has high quality in mind for every stage of the project, regardless of its size and complexity.

English to Finnish Translation

Finnish is an exciting language when it comes to linguistics, as it has several distinctive differences in comparison to English. This makes English to Finnish translation quite complicated, specific, and at the same time, unique.

Below we list linguistic examples:

Finnish language has no articles

a dog koira
a plane lentokone
a house talo
a planet planeetta
an apple omena

Finnish words have no gender

There is no grammatical gender in the Finnish language, and additionally, the pronoun "hän" is used for both sexes.

Finnish relies heavily on Endings and Suffixes

One of the critical differences between the Finnish and English languages is that in Finnish, endings or suffixes are used when expressing different grammatical meanings.

in the bus bussi+ssa
by bus bussi+lla
on a tree puu+ssa

Finnish Language Facts

  • The Finnish language uses a lot of compound words, which has in turn brought to light monster words such as "Lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaanikkoaliupseerioppilas" (61 letters) which means "Airplane jet turbine engine auxiliary mechanic non-commissioned officer student".

  • The Finnish language is not native to Finland - the roots of the Finnish people can be traced back as far east as Siberia. Meanwhile, the Finnish language, being part of the Uralic language group, originally comes from the area of the Ural Mountains in modern-day Russia.

  • There is no word for "Please" in the Finnish language. At first glance, this results in the perception by foreigners that Finns are relatively straightforward or even rude. Nevertheless, there are plenty of workarounds in the Finnish language. For example, the common word "kiitos", meaning "Thank you", is widespread.

  • A Finnish word that is used worldwide is "Sauna", which is used in other languages as well and spelled the same way in most of them.

  • The Finnish language inspired J.R.R. Tolkien to create the Elvish language. In the Tolkien universe, Quenya is the language spoken by the elves, which was featured prominently in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Namárië (Be well)!

  • The Finnish word that holds a Guinness world record is "saippuakivikauppias", which means "a seller of soapstone". It is the world's longest palindrome (a word that is spelled the same forwards and backward).

Finnish Translation Tips

There are some common words in Finnish with a similar spelling and pronunciation to common words in English, but their meaning is completely different. When translating from English to Finnish and Finnish to English, care must be taken to avoid a literal translation of the so-called "false friends", so that the meaning is correct.

If you translate the word "invalid" from an English sentence like "This command is invalid" using the Finnish word "invalidi", it will mean that "This command is a disabled person".

Another example is the word "tape" in English and "teippi" in Finnish. For example, if the English sentence is "You have to see this tape" and you use "Sinun täytyy nähdä tämä teippi" in Finnish, this means "You have to see this adhesive tape".

Finnish Word English Translation
Hei Hi
Hei hei Bye
Mikä tämä/tuo on? What is this/that?
En ymmärrä I don't understand
Ei kestä No problem
Voinka saada…? Can I have…?
Anteeksi I'm sorry/Excuse me
Onko kaikki kunnossa? Is everything alright?
Jumalauta! God dammit!
Kippis Cheers
Kiitos Thank you
Puhutteko englantia? Do you speak English?
Oletko koskaan käynyt Helsingissä? Have you ever visited Helsinki?

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