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Professional German Translation

High-quality, scalable and reliable English to German Translation services at an affordable price

Professional German Translation

High-Quality German Translation Services

AD VERBUM offers you our professional German translation services. Our highly reliable, affordable and fast translation services have been the first choice of our clients across the globe for over a decade.

German is one of core European languages with approximately 220 million speakers across the globe. With the help of our network of experienced and tested linguists, the AD VERBUM team offers you access to German speakers from any market and industry.

Or perhaps you're looking for German to English translation? We've got you covered on that too!

High-Quality German Translation Services

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German Translation Services

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AD VERBUM provides a wide range of professional human-driven English to German B2B Translation and Localization Services, covering a multitude of content types.

Types of Content we Translate into German

  • Documents


  • Software


  • Hardware


  • Video Games

    Video Games

  • Websites


  • Publications


  • Mobile Applications

    Mobile Applications

  • Manuals


  • User Interfaces

    User Interfaces

  • Audio Content

    Audio Content

  • Video Content

    Video Content

  • Product Descriptions

    Product Descriptions

  • Technical Spreadsheets

    Technical Spreadsheets

  • Scripts


  • Patents


And many more! Contact us and let us know what type of content you wish to translate from English into German.

Industries we Serve

We cover a multitude of industries for our English into German translation services.

English to German Translation

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German Translator

AD VERBUM hosts a global network of German Translators who are experts in their respective fields, with years of both linguistic expertise and hands-on professional experience in their industry.

Clients choose AD VERBUM’s translation services, as we are able to deliver high-quality German translations on time, every time, thanks to our innovative approach to translation, which uses the latest translation industry technologies, and has high quality in mind for every stage of the project. Regardless of their size and complexity.

English to German Translation

When you translate from English to German, you have to keep in mind several key factors that make English to German translation highly complex for translators.

Grammatical cases

German is more complex than English when it comes to grammatical cases.

While English uses nominatives, accusatives and genitives for pronouns (I, me, my, mine, etc.), German has nominatives, accusatives, datives and genitives for nouns.

Long German compound words

A unique feature of the German language is its extensive usage of the so-called “compound words”. In German, you can combine two, three, or in some cases even more nouns into a new, unique word. Here are a few examples:

German Compound Word Literal Translation English Word
das Flugzeug fly thing aeroplane
der Ohrwurm ear worm catchy tune
die Naschkatze treat cat person with a sweet tooth
der Pechvogel bad luck bird unlucky person
der Scheinwerfer shine thrower headlight
das Drachenfutter dragon fodder apology gift (given to a spouse)
Grammatical gender in German language

In German, all nouns are categorized into 3 genders: masculine, feminine and neuter.
Gender is not relevant to the plural form of nouns. Therefore, when you talk about an object in German, you have to first determine its gender.

Gender Definite article Indefinite article
Masculine der ein
Feminine die eine
Neuter das ein
Plural die /

German Language Facts

Here are some interesting facts about the German language:

  • German is a popular language, with approximately 220 million speakers across the globe.

  • German is the official language of the following six countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

  • German is a dominant European language with over 100 million speakers in Europe.

  • Both part of the West-Germanic language group, English and German share 60% of their vocabulary.

  • All nouns in the German language are capitalized.

  • The first ever printed book was published in German.

  • The third most widely taught language in the world is German.

German Translation Tips

When translating from or into German, keep the following tips in mind to achieve a better translation!

  • Implicit versus explicit:

    What is implicit in the English language will frequently be explicit in German. This is especially relevant when it comes to business German.
    An example – computer, an interactive device that is used for multimedia communications, should be plugged into the wall socket.
    Even though the middle part of the sentence is an absolute exaggeration, in business German that is absolutely fine and very common.

  • Text expansion or shortening:

    Due to the difference discussed above, the translated text will either be longer (if translating from English into German) or shorter (if translating from German into English). The resulting greater or smaller volume of text will require the adjustment of the content layout.

  • Long sentences and the absence of commas:

    German sentences are commonly very long and their syntax is complex. When translating from German into English, one German sentence is frequently split into two or even three English sentences, because sentences in English tend to be much shorter than in German.

  • Formality:

    German in general, and business German in particular, is a very formal language, especially in comparison with American English and British English (to a lesser extent). The difference can be easily spotted in business culture between, for example, American English and German, where the former will be significantly less formal than the latter.

German Word English Translation
Hallo Hello
Guten Morgen Good morning
Guten Tag Good day
Guten Abend Good evening
Gute Nacht Good night
Bitte schön*
Keine Ursache*
Gern geschehen*
Nichts zu danken*
(practically they all mean the same)
You are welcome
Kein Problem No problem
Ja Yes
Nein No
Danke Thank you
Vielen Dank Thank you very much
Tschüss Bye
Auf Wiedersehen Good bye

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