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Professional Swedish Translation

High-quality, scalable and reliable English to Swedish Translation services at an affordable price

High-Quality Swedish Translation Services

AD VERBUM offers you our professional Swedish translation services. Our highly reliable, affordable, and fast translation services have been the first choice of our clients across the globe for over a decade.

Swedish is one of the core European languages, with approximately 9 million speakers across the globe. With the help of our network of experienced and tested linguists, the AD VERBUM team offers you access to Swedish speakers from any market and industry.

Or perhaps you're looking for Swedish to English translation? We've got you covered on that too!

Swedish Translation Services

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Swedish Translation Services

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AD VERBUM provides a wide range of professional human-driven English to Swedish B2B Translation and Localization Services, covering a multitude of content types.

Types of Content we Translate into Swedish

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  • Software


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  • Video Games

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  • Websites


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And many more! Contact us and let us know what type of content you wish to translate from English to Swedish.

Industries we Serve

We cover a multitude of industries for our English into Swedish translation services.

English to Swedish Translation

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Swedish Translator

AD VERBUM hosts a global network of Swedish Translators who are experts in their respective fields, with years of both linguistic expertise and hands-on professional experience in their industry.

Clients choose AD VERBUM's translation services because we can deliver high-quality Swedish translations on time, every time, thanks to our innovative approach to translation, which uses the latest translation industry technologies, and has high quality in mind for every stage of the project, regardless of their size and complexity.

English to Swedish Translation

When you translate from English to Swedish, you have to keep in mind several key factors that make English to Swedish translation highly complex for translators.

Swedish Nouns

In the Swedish language, nouns have two grammatical genders - common (utrum) and neuter (neutrum). While three-quarters of all Swedish nouns are common gender, noun gender is mainly arbitrary and has to be memorized.

Swedish English
en stol a chair
stolen the chair
en ny stol a new chair
den nya stolen the new chair
stolar chairs
stolarna the chairs
nya stolar new chairs
de nya stolarna the new chairs
ett bord a table
bordet the table
ett nytt bord a new table
det nya bordet the new table
två bord two tables
borden the tables
nya bord new tables
de nya borden the new tables

However, at one point, the Swedish language had three genders - masculine, feminine, and neuter.

Swedish Pronouns

The Swedish personal pronoun system is almost identical to that of the English language. In the Swedish language, pronouns apply for a number, person, and, in the third person singular, for gender.

Below you can find several examples of Swedish pronouns:

List of Pronouns in Swedish

English Pronouns Swedish Pronouns
I speak jag talar
you speak du talar
he speaks han talar
she speaks hon talar
we speak vi talar
they speak de talar
give me ge mig
give you ge dig
give him ge honom
give her ge henne
give us ge oss
give them ge dem
my book min bok
your book din bok
his book hans bok
her book hennes bok
our book vår bok
their book deras bok

Swedish Language Facts

Here are some interesting facts about the Swedish language:

  • The Swedish language is part of the North Germanic language group and has its roots in the Old Norse language.

    In the Middle Ages, the Swedish language separated from the Danish Language. Over the centuries, the Swedish language has been heavily influenced by other languages, such as French (from which it has incorporated quite a few words). Examples are the words "nivå", meaning level, and "paraply", meaning umbrella.

  • There are close 9.2 Million native Swedish Speakers in Sweden and approximately 300,000 Swedish speakers that reside outside of Sweden.

  • Several Swedish words have made their way into the English language, such as:

    Gauntlet - Glove
    Moped - Small motorcycle
    Ombudsman - Intermediary
    Smorgasbord - Buffet
    Tungsten - Metal

  • Longest Swedish Word

    The longest word in the Swedish language is Realisationsvinstbeskattning (28 letters), and it means "capital gains taxation". It is commonly shortened to Reavinstskatt, which has the same meaning. However, Swedish grammar makes it possible to create humongous words, such as "Spårvagnsaktiebolagsskensmutsskjutarefackföreningspersonalbeklädnadsmagasinsförrådsförvaltarens" (94 letters) which means "[belonging to] the manager of the depot for the supply of uniforms to the personnel of the track cleaners' union of the tramway company".

  • The Swedish language and its similarities to other Nordic languages.

    Due to the above mentioned historical and linguistic roots of the Swedish Language, it shares many features in common with the Danish and Norwegian languages. As a result, by speaking the Swedish language, you can understand most words in Norwegian or Danish. That's handy, isn't it?

Swedish Translation Tips

When translating from or into Swedish, keep the following tips in mind to achieve a better translation!

Just like Swedish words have made their way into the English language, there are many English words frequently used in Swedish. Loanwords from English are particularly common in technical fields, with examples like "klicka" (to click), "printa" (to print something out), and "callcenter" (call center/call centre).

Conversely, there are many Swedish words that look, and sometimes sound, like the equivalents of similar English words, when in fact they mean something different. A few examples of such false friends are:

"Chef" does not mean "chef" or "cook" in Swedish, it means "manager".

"Grind" is the Swedish word for "gate".

"Fabrik" means "factory", not "fabric".

Swedish Word English Translation
Jag förstår inte I don't understand
Tack Thank you
Vad heter du? What is your name?
Jag heter My name is ...
Det är bra That's fine
Ursäkta Excuse me
Varsågod You're welcome
Hur är det? How are you?
Trevligt att träffas Pleased to meet you
Talar du svenska? Do you speak Swedish?
Jag älskar dig I love you
Goddag Good day
God morgon Good morning
God natt Good night
Jag är ledsen I'm sorry
Pratar du engelska? Do you speak English?
Hur mycket kostar…? How much is …?
Skulle jag kunna få…? May I please have…?
Var finns…? Where is the …?
Lediga rum? Rooms available?
När går nästa buss? When is the next bus departure?
När öppnar de? When do they open?
När stänger de? When do they close?
Vad är klockan? What time is it?
Hur mycket kostar den? How much is it?
Det smakar utmärkt It's delicious

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