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Medicine and Life Sciences Translation Services

Professional, high-quality medical and life sciences content through our ISO-certified Translation and Localization Services

Medicine and Life Sciences Translation Services
B2B Only
B2B Only
ISO Certified
Fully Human-Driven
Fully Human-Driven
Subject Matter Experts
3,500+ Native Linguists

Professional Translation and Localization Services for the Life Sciences and Medical Industry

Harnessing years of experience in the medical translation field, AD VERBUM has consistently proven a quality-oriented and tailored approach to life sciences, in compliance with industry-specific standards and requirements, applying custom solutions and high-end quality control across all of our business practices.

The stringent requirements of the life sciences industry are not foreign to any linguistic entrepreneur. The strict regulations and quality demands of the sector represent the key elements that launch this field into the global market and make it so sought after.

AD VERBUM is well-versed in a wide range of translation and localization services covering the spectrum of life sciences, ranging from medical devices to pharmaceutical, clinical trials, patient documentation, healthcare support documentation, and medical back translations, guiding you through the processes and ensuring the transnational regulations and standards are adequately met.

Back Translations

We're expanding on the topic of back translation projects as these are some of the most challenging types of translations, requiring extreme attention to detail, a structured approach and the involvement of highly skilled linguists.

What is Back Translation?

Back Translation can be defined as a translation of a previously translated text back into the source language text, without any references from the original source.

Purpose of Back Translation
Back translation is frequently used as a method of comparing the translation accuracy of the original translation.

When applied to the life science sector, back translation is frequently used in various areas, for example, clinical trials, where translation has to be very accurate.

In addition, back translation is a requirement of high-profile Institutional Review Boards (IRB) and the EU Ethics Committee (EC).

AD VERBUM assigns only the best of the best linguists to ensure excellent quality for your back translation projects.

Benefits of Medical Translation and Localization Services

  • Achieve consistent quality across the board via SME, TM and TEP

  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements in the global market

  • Facilitate regulatory labelling across the globe

  • Ensure terminology compliance across all your documentation

  • Synchronize documentation updates across all languages

  • Technology-enabled solutions to reduce multilingual content time-to-market

... and many more!

Subject Matter Experts (SME)

At AD VERBUM we apply the highest standards and criteria when it comes to our linguists.

  • Industry Experience - all of our linguists have previous industry experience.

  • Subject Matter Expertise - your content will always be translated by an expert with relevant knowledge of the subject and the necessary technical know-how.

  • Native Speakers - linguists working on your projects will always be native speakers of the target language.

  • Tested Linguists - all of our linguists pass multiple stages of testing in order to verify their subject and language expertise.

  • Secure Environment - all of our linguists work in a secure environment under NDA which excludes any potential breach or client data leak.

Our Services

Have a specific service in mind?

Content Types

  • Pharmaceutical Translations

  • Regulatory Affairs

  • Clinical Research

  • Medical Device Translations

  • Patient Information

  • Clinical Trial Content

  • Summary of Product Characteristics

  • Informed Consent Forms

  • Field Safety Notices

  • Medical-Legal Content

  • Biotechnology

  • Animal Health

  • Veterinary

  • Instructions for Use

  • Clinical Documents

  • Life Science Content

  • Patents

  • Back Translations

Is your content type not listed? Not a problem.

Our Translation Workflow

For our PREMIUM translation and localization projects, we use our specialized translation, editing and proofreading (TEP) workflow, which results in translations of the highest quality for all your projects. Below is a simplified version of the steps involved for each translation project.

Key Features

Supported Languages

AD VERBUM works with more than 150 languages, covering a wide range of content types and industries with our certified linguist pool of more than 3,500 experienced subject matter experts.

Pricing Options
Multiple Pricing Options

We offer multiple pricing options for all of our translation services.

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Translation service quality certified company.

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Quality management system certified company.

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