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Translation Services

AD VERBUM provides a wide range of professional human-driven B2B Translation and Localization Services

Translation Services
Translation and Localization Service

Translation and Localization

High-standard, quality-focused B2B Translation and Localization services through ISO-regulated processes and native linguists.

Website Localization Service

Website Localization

Multilingual and multicultural website localization services, at the highest quality and best turnaround times.

Software Localization Service

Software Localization

Holistic adaptation of software products to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a target market.

Video Game Localization Service

Video Game Localization

Enhance user experience and immerse gamers around the globe.

Mobile App Localization Service

Mobile App Localization

Maximize end-user experience and potential reach through an effective, quality-focused mobile app localization process.

Multilingual SEO Service

Multilingual SEO

Enhanced visibility on local search engines resulting in organic, top-ranking website traffic.

Desktop Publishing Service

Desktop Publishing

The creation and adaptation of existing documents to meet specific target language format and layout requirements.

Voice-Over Service


High-quality, business-oriented audio localization services, voice recording for specific fields.

Neural Machine Translation Service

Neural Machine Translation

A cutting-edge AI-powered translation service which involves an end-to-end approach for automated translation.

Interpreting Service


AD VERBUM offers a full range of professional interpreting services for our clients across the globe.

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ISO 17100:2015

Translation service quality certified company.

ISO 9001:2015

Quality management system certified company.

ISO 27001:2013

Information security standard certified company.

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