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Professional B2B Translation and Localization Services for a wide range of industries

Life Sciences Translation Services

Life Sciences

Professional translation and localization services encompassing fields such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical technologies and devices and the associated study of their application in day-to-day life.

Technical Translation Services

Technical and Manufacturing

A wide range of translation and localization services covering automotive, consumer goods, technical equipment, machinery, mechanical engineering, electronics, patents, or information technology.

Software and IT Translation Services

Software and IT

Translation and localization services that bridge the gap between software vendors and corporate/individual software users, with a wide range of applications for in-system programming and Saas (Software as a Service).

Legal Translation Services


Professional legal Translation and Localization Services that tackle concepts and content related to the field of law, harnessing specific judiciary expertise and acknowledgement of a specific country and cultural regulations.

Finance and Banking Translation Services

Finance and Banking

Translation and Localization Services targeting monetary management businesses, including credit unions, banks, insurance and accounting companies, stock brokerage, investment funds and individual financial enterprises.

Video Game Translation Services

Video Games

Translation and Localization Services for the games industry encompass a wide range of processes involved in transforming video game software into a suitable form, targeted for sale on different markets, in accordance with specific linguistic, cultural and technical regulations.

E-Learning and Education Translation Services

E-Learning and Education

Professional Translation and Localization Services harnessing educational and e-learning material aimed at children, students, young adults or even corporate professionals.

E-Commerce Translation Services


Translation and Localization Services focusing on major web-linked technologies such as mobile internet commerce and online marketing, supply chain management, electronic data interchange (EDI) and automated data collection systems.

Travel and Hospitality Translation Services

Travel and Hospitality

High-quality, specialized translation and localization services aimed at travel or leisure-related content.

Government Translation Services


Government Translation and Localization Services aiming at EU-related, federal and public sector companies, as well as private government contractors.

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ISO 17100:2015

Translation service quality certified company.

ISO 9001:2015

Quality management system certified company.

ISO 27001:2013

Information security standard certified company.

ISO 18587:2017

Machine translation output post-editing quality certified company.

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2027 National Development Plan Latvia

On 28.03.2024 AD VERBUM Ltd. signed an agreement No 17.1-1-L-2024//180 with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia on receiving support for export assistance under the project “SME Innovative Business Development” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.