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Government Translation Services

Professional Translation and Localization Services for a wide range of governmental content

Government Translation Services
Data Security
Data Security
No Outsourcing to LSPs
No Outsourcing to LSPs
Trustworthy Experience
Trustworthy Experience
ISO Certified

Professional Translation and Localization Services for Governmental Content

AD VERBUM is fully qualified to work on governmental content thanks to our extensive linguist networks, highly standardized translation process with quality and stringent protection features in mind.

Since 2003, AD VERBUM has been providing translations for different European Union (EU) institutions into multiple language combinations and subject domains.

For a translation partner to earn collaboration opportunities with such institutions, its linguist portfolio must consist of specialised subject matter experts boasting extensive experience in EU matters and it must win a tender with strict participation requirements, usually including test translations for multiple language pairs.

EU Institutions we Cooperate with

  • European Court of Justice

  • European Central Bank

  • European Parliament

  • Directorate-General for Translation (DGT)

  • European Patent Office

  • European Social and Economic Committee

  • Council of Europe

  • Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union

Subject Matter Experts (SME)

At AD VERBUM we apply the highest standards and criteria when it comes to our linguists.

  • Industry Experience - all of our linguists have previous industry experience.

  • Subject Matter Expertise - your content will always be translated by an expert with relevant knowledge of the subject and the necessary technical know-how.

  • Native Speakers - linguists working on your projects will always be native speakers of the target language.

  • Tested Linguists - all of our linguists pass multiple stages of testing in order to verify their subject and language expertise.

  • Secure Environment - all of our linguists work in a secure environment under NDA which excludes any potential breach or client data leak.

Our Services

Have a specific service in mind?

Content Types

  • Legal

  • Patents

  • Regulations

  • Technical Documentation

  • Administrative Documentation

  • Policy Documentation

  • IT Sector

  • Energy

  • Environmental

  • Aviation

  • Agriculture

  • Finance and Banking

  • Chemistry

  • Medicine

  • Pharmaceuticals

Haven't found Your Content Type? Not a problem.

Key Features

Supported Languages

AD VERBUM works with more than 150 languages, covering a wide range of content types and industries with our certified linguist pool of more than 3,500 experienced subject matter experts.

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ISO 17100:2015

Translation service quality certified company.

ISO 9001:2015

Quality management system certified company.

ISO 27001:2013

Information security standard certified company.

ISO 18587:2017

Machine translation output post-editing quality certified company.


HIPAA ensures the confidentiality of patient data, granting patients rights over their health information.

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2027 National Development Plan Latvia

On 28.03.2024 AD VERBUM Ltd. signed an agreement No 17.1-1-L-2024//180 with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia on receiving support for export assistance under the project “SME Innovative Business Development” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.